Claire Bartels

Senior Claire Bartels talks about her USTARS projects with faculty member, Dr. Kelsy Burke.

"My biggest goal was to be able to understand as much about the social research process as possible," she said, "so that if someone asked me about my time in the sociology department and how sociological research works I would not only be able to use what I have learned in my classes but I would also be able to draw on my personal experience in the research program."

Vanessa Woosley

Vanessa Woosley's USTARS project with Dr. Lisa Kort-Butler has her looking at “The Visible Brain” about how the brain is portrayed in different contexts

Nestor Hernandez

Former USTARS student Nestor Hernandez may have started as a business student but his USTARS project found him a home in Sociology studying STEM fields.

Isaac Wells

Isaac Wells has a wide range of interests in both natural and social sciences. He is in both the USTARS (for sociology) and UCARE (for chemistry) programs. The reason he loves both sociology and chemistry is their "practicality."

Luke Novak

Luke Novak originally majored in biological sciences but after taking a course with Dr. McQuillan became interested in the research opportunities that sociology could offer him. Now, he is a double major in both sociology and biological sciences and is involved in the USTARS program under Dr. McQuillan.

Mackenzie Griffith

Mackenzie Griffith, a sophomore sociology major, at first was not sure what to declare as her major. She figured she would eventually change it but after taking a few classes she found that sociology was the perfect fit for her.