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Undergraduate Student Organizations

Undergraduate Sociological Association (USA)

The Department sponsors an Undergraduate Sociology Association for students to meet each other and learn more about sociology. Membership is open to all sociology majors and minors. The Association hosts various social events for USA members and sponsors speakers from government agencies, private employers, other universities, and the local community. Speakers' topics in the recent past have included career opportunities, job interviewing techniques, internships, and applying to graduate school.

If you have any questions please contact:
Brandon Bosch
722 Oldfather Hall

Nebraska Undergraduate Sociological Symposium (NUSS)

Sociology majors, sociology minors, and other students interested in sociology are encouraged to participate in the annual Nebraska Undergraduate Sociology Symposium. The Symposium brings students together from all of the state colleges and universities to present papers, participate in roundtable discussions, and to meet and hear talks by eminent sociologists. One important function of the USA is participating in and periodically hosting the NUSS.

The Department would like to congratulate Rachel Sullivan! Rachel won 2nd place in the Literature review/theory category with her paper, "The Influence of Culture Capital on Educational Experiences in the United State," at the 2012 Nebraska Undergraduate Sociology Symposium.

A special "Thank you" to those undergraduate students who also participated: Chris Langenberg, Kristina Posthast, and Connie Toney.

Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD)

Sociology majors and minors in the top 35% of their class with a "B" average or above in all coursework, junior standing, and completion of twelve credit hours, as well as a "B" average in sociology, are eligible to join the Department's chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta, the international sociology honor society. This is recognition of outstanding academic performance. The AKD induction ceremony is held each spring semester. The induction ceremony is highlighted by a presentation by an invited sociologist. Members and new inductees into AKD are welcome, as are their families and friends.

Graduate Student Organization

Nebraska Association of Sociology Graduate Students (NASGS)

The Nebraska Association of Sociology Graduate Students (NASGS) is an organization consisting of all persons holding graduate standing in the Department of Sociology and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Its purpose is to serve, protect, and further the interests of its member and to act as a forum for discussing graduate student affairs, including university and departmental policies pertaining to graduate students.

Officers of the organization are selected annually by majority vote of the members. The President presides over all meeting of the organization, is responsible for communication between the departmental faculty and the membership, and serves, along with the Vice-President, as the organization's official representative to faculty meetings. (With the exception of personnel sessions, meetings of the Department faculty are open to all students in the Sociology Graduate Program).

In addition to the above, the Vice-President serves as a representative to the Graduate Committee. The remaining officers of the organization include a Secretary/Treasurer, a second representative to the Graduate Committee, and representatives to Departmental Search, Resources and Planning, and Grade Appeals Committees. Additionally, one representative serves as social chair, responsible for organizing social events for both graduate students and faculty.

2021-2022 NASGS Officers

Angelica Phillips, President
Eliza Thor, Vice-President
Jess Morrow, Secretary/Treasurer
Jamy Rentschler, Internal Graduate Committee
Grace Kelly, External Graduate Committee
Eli Ornelas, Resources and Planning Committee
Katelynn Shadoan, Undergraduate Committee

Research Working Group
Angelica Phillips and Jess Morrow

Eli Ornelas

Eliza Thor

Rosalind Kichler and Meagan Kunitzer