Alumni Stories
Alumni Stories

The Department of Sociology alumni have accomplished astounding achievements since exiting the halls of our departments. Your curiosity is a gift that’s led to your unique skills and experiences. It’s shaped who you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going… it’s your life’s story. Your curiosity contributed to your success. How did curiosity move you to where you are today?

Christine Ngaruiya

A visionary doctor’s Rx for Equality in Healthcare

Christina Ngaruiya was featured in  Nebraska Alumni Association's Nebraska Magazine.

Ron Kellog III

Teaching Lessons in Teamwork to Kids at Dawes

UNL Sociology Alum and Huskers quarterback, Ron Kellogg III, interviewed in the Lincoln Journal Star.


The Challenge of Changing Lessons of Bias

UNL Sociology Alum, Kathie Starkweather, interviewed in the Lincoln Journal Star.