USTARS Spotlight: Vanessa Woosley

Vanessa Woosley

  • Year: Sophomore
  • Major and minors: Sociology major; Business minor; Pre-Chiropractic

 I started the U-STAR program because I was in Sociology 101 with Dr. McQuillan and during an office hours visit, she introduced me to the program. I emailed Dr. Kort-Butler because her research areas were what I was interested in. I am working on a project with Dr. Lisa Kort-Butler called “The Visible Brain” about how the brain is portrayed in different contexts. I have been working on it since October. I am hoping to develop my researching skills by working on this project. Working with Dr. Kort-Butler has been an amazing experience and I am grateful for the opportunities she has given me to grow in the field.

I involved myself with this project because I found Dr.Kort-Butler's ideas very compelling. I have gotten to explore this subject more in-depth than I have in the past and I think that it is fascinating. I think this project is important because it shows the public’s opinion on the brain. We looked at everything from how your brain reacts to grief to new technology that is coming to the market. It is valuable to explore the conversation around the brain to see how it is viewed in different lights.

 The USTARS program is preparing me for my future career by giving me tools to interact in a professional environment, helping me get used to making deadlines and giving me research experience that will be impressive to future employers.