Stacy Tiemeyer

My research focuses on the interrelationships between social structures, cognitive processes and behavior in relation to human fertility. In my dissertation, I examine the predictors and consequences of ambivalent pregnancy intentions for first births using cross-survey multiple imputation methods to simultaneously analyze three nationally representative datasets as one complete data source (NSFG, NSFB and Add Health). Currently, I am also involved in research projects in two other fertility related areas: infertility help seeking and sexual satisfaction.

Another line of my research focuses on formal and informal care provision to aging adults. In particular, I focus on ways social institutions shape the allocation of resources and the provision of assistance to older adults. My research areas are linked by a fundamental interest in the implications of social changes for health and wellbeing.

I have extensive experience teaching Introduction to Sociology face-to-face, and I am currently teaching the course online. I have also taught Social Research II and the Senior Seminar. I look forward to teaching medical sociology classes in the future. I am passionate about sociology, and teaching provides me with the opportunity to share my excitement with students. Learning the sociological approach provides students with a tool for understanding social life. Helping  students develop methodological skills lays the foundation for critical thinking about complex social issues.

M.A.: Wichita State University