Sociology Faculty Tyler receives College ORCA award; Hoyt receives Pound-Howard Award

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Fri, 05/03/2019 - 09:50

Two Sociology faculty members – Kimberly Tyler and Dan Hoyt – were recognized for excellence at the College of Arts and Sciences Celebration of Excellence. Dr. Tyler received this year’s College Outstanding Research and Creative Activity Award. Dr. Hoyt was selected as the 2019 recipient of the Louise Pound-George Howard Distinguished Career Award from the Faculty Senate.

The nominators for each award noted the excellence and dedication to research and excellence.  Below are brief snippets of the nomination letters for each of these award-winning faculty.

Kimberly Tyler, Professor of Sociology: “Even the most cursory examination of Dr. Tyler’s CV reveals an extraordinarily high level of productivity, consistently pursued across two decades of research and graduate teaching. Dr. Tyler’s research on youth homelessness has not only informed the scientific community, it has very directly helped service providers better understand risk and resilience among the young people they serve. Her contributions to the understanding of the experiences of homeless youth have informed policy makers about the size, scope, nuanced needs, and evolving conditions of a population that is underserved, and in some cases even forgotten. The creativity of Dr. Tyler's research is also notable. Her investigations employ advanced mixed methods strategies that incorporate qualitative as well as quantitative inquiry, and her publications highlight her adeptness at the task of synthesizing these two modalities in important, leading ways.”

 Kimberly Tyler

Dan Hoyt, Professor of Sociology and Director, Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Consortium: “Dan Hoyt has not taken the easy path as a faculty member. Instead, he has identified ways to improve the university in multiple ways and has led the efforts to do so. His dedication, creativity, generosity, insights, and community building have substantially improved numerous units, departments, centers, and programs at the University of Nebraska.” And “Dan pulled back the curtain for me to see how he got out there, helped connect people to others’ strengths, and things he did to recruit and support faculty and students representing diversity, to support women who were becoming mothers—any number of things.”

 Dan Hoyt

Congratulations, Dr. Tyler and Dr. Hoyt on these notable accomplishments!