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Curriculum Vitae


I completed my Ph.D. in Sociology at North Carolina State University in 2006 and joined the faculty at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln in 2007. My research projects are varied but draw from my interests in criminology and medical sociology.  Please visit my Google Scholar page for links to my published work.  At the undergraduate level, I teach courses in crime, delinquency, and deviance, as well as health and medicine.  At the graduate level, I teach seminars in crime and justice and in medical sociology.  I received the UNL College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Teaching Award in 2013.


Current Research & Student Opportunities

My current research follows two primary tracts.  In my first line of research, I explore the intersection of physical, mental, and behavioral health.  For example, I recently surveyed young adults about their experiences with victimization and trauma, head injury, mental health, and law violation. Given increasing public concern with the long-term consequences of trauma and brain injury, these data will provide a portrait of these issues in a normative sample.  Along with other Sociology faculty, I fielded another survey that asks adults about their experiences with stress and factors that promote positive coping, such as mastery and social support. These data will allow us to examine gender differences in mental illness.  

In my second line of research, I focus on the role of the media in making meaning about crime, justice, and related issues.  This work also extends to attitudes about crime and justice. Several ongoing projects include:  comparing the effect of who-you-know versus what-you-watch on perceptions about crime; the trend in support for death penalty among Nebraskans, with consideration given to media use; the gamer’s view of the purported relationship between video gaming and criminal behavior; and the role of academic scholarship in the moral panic process.  

I frequently incorporate students into my work. Undergraduate students have contributed to two data collection projects.  I have presented and published articles with undergraduate and graduate students.  There are opportunities for students to gain research experience through work on any of the projects described above.  Please contact me if you would like to know more about these opportunities.


Selected Publications

Health and Well-Being

Kort-Butler, Lisa A. 2015. “Health Strains and Subsequent Delinquency and Marijuana Use.”  Youth & Society, DOI: 10.1177/0044118X15578436

Kort-Butler, Lisa A., and David D. Martin.*  2015.  “The Influence of High School Activity Portfolios on Risky Behaviors in Emerging Adulthood.”  Justice Quarterly 32: 381-409.

Tyler, Kimberly A., Lisa A. Kort-Butler, and Alexis Swendener.*  2014.   “The Effect of Victimization and Coping on Internalizing and Externalizing Behaviors among Homeless Young Adults.”  Violence & Victims 29: 348-362.

Tyler, Kimberly A., Sarah Akinyemi,* and Lisa A. Kort-Butler. 2012. “Correlates of Service Utilization among Homeless Youth.”  Children and Youth Services Review 34: 1344-1350.

Kort-Butler, Lisa A., and Kimberly A. Tyler.  2012.  “A Cluster Analysis of Service Utilization among Homeless Youth.”  Social Science Research 41: 612-623.

Kort-Butler, Lisa A., Kimberly A. Tyler, and Lisa A. Melander.*  2011.  “Childhood Maltreatment, Parental Monitoring, and Self-Control among Homeless Young Adults:  Consequences for Negative Social Outcomes.”  Criminal Justice and Behavior 38: 49-69.

Kort-Butler, Lisa A. and Kellie J. Hagewen.  2011.  “School-Based Extracurricular Involvement and Adolescent Self Esteem: A Growth-Curve Analysis.”  Journal of Youth and Adolescence 40: 568-581.

Kort-Butler, Lisa A.  2010.  “Experienced and Vicarious Victimization: Do Social Support and Self-Esteem Prevent Delinquent Responses?”  Journal of Criminal Justice 38: 496-505.

Kort-Butler, Lisa A.  2009.  “Coping Styles and Sex Differences in Depressive Symptoms and Delinquent Behavior.”  Journal of Youth and Adolescence 38: 122-136.


Media and Representations of Crime

Kort-Butler, Lisa A., and Michael Killingsworth.* 2015. “From Burlesque to ‘Grand Theft Auto:’ An Historical Analysis of the Treatment of the Media-Crime Relationship in Criminology Texts.” Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice and Criminology 3: 1-30.

Kort-Butler, Lisa A.  2013.  “Justice League? Depictions of Justice in Children’s Superhero Cartoons.”  Criminal Justice Review 38:50-70.

Kort-Butler, Lisa A.  2012.  “Rotten, Vile, and Depraved!  How Children’s Superhero Cartoons Explain Criminal Behavior.”  Deviant Behavior 33: 566-581.

Kort-Butler, Lisa A., and Kelley J. Sittner Hartshorn.*  2011. “Watching the Detectives: Crime Programming, Fear of Crime, and Attitudes about the Criminal Justice System.”   The Sociological Quarterly 52:  36-55.


*Indicates student co-authors.


Ph.D. North Carolina State University

Areas of Specialization:  

  • Adolescent and young adult well-being
  • Criminology
  • Sociology of health & mental health
  • Media representations of deviance and control