Kiat and Cheadle’s interdisciplinary study published in NeuroImage

Photo Credit: Campus
Thu, 06/15/2017 - 09:18

How is empathy measured in a brain?

John Kiat, graduate student in the Department of Psychology, and Jacob Cheadle, faculty in the Department of Sociology, studied the connection between neuroimaging and human empathy. Their research will be published in NeuroImage in July.

They “used high density EEG to assess how individuating targets with personal names moderated the link between behavioral pain ratings and attentional processing oriented towards initial target processing and subsequent expressions target discomfort.”

The focus of Kiat’s doctoral studies is Neuroscience and Behavior. He is interested in applying neuroimaging techniques to investigate neural processes underlying social cognition and memory.

“I love hearing about faculty and student successes, (and) I am thrilled by the creative and innovative work that (they) are doing,” Julia McQuillan, chair and professor in the Department of Sociology, said. “[Kiat has] been an important transdisciplinary member of the team.”

Kiat will also be presenting at the Society for Neuroscience Meeting.