Grace Kelly

Curriculum Vita

Areas of Specialization
Mixed Methods, Social Networks, Friendship, STEM Identity

About Me
I’ve just begun the PhD program at Nebraska! I'm also currently pursuing the Mixed Methods Research Graduate Certificate. I received my MA in Spring of 2019. I’m a Nebraskan local who graduated from Doane University in 2017. As an undergraduate triple major in pre-law, sociology and Spanish, I was unsure what avenue I would take after graduation. However, after getting the opportunity to intern at  the university's Social And Behavioral Sciences Research Consortium in my final semester of undergrad, I was able to connect with faculty and see the many possibilities for innovative research at Nebraska, as well as a focus on student success.

After graduating, I continued my work at SCSRC, serving as both a research assistant for the university's faculty throughout grant workshops and assisting in program evaluation (centered around substance abuse prevention). This work has broadened my view of the many avenues available in sociological work! Additionally, I was able to conduct my own research through Ogle Foundation funding. This work micro structural social network properties of youth, school attachment, and gender differences. My masters thesis focused on similar themes, and looks at how friendships can foster science identity among middle school students (and how this may vary by gender). I also have partnered with Lincoln Public Schools as a research assistant on STEM participation. My Ph.D. research is a mixed methods project on friendship throughout the life course.

During the school year, I’ve been able to hone in on a different skill set- teaching! In my time at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I have been privileged to spark student’s sociological curiosity through teaching recitations and assisting undergraduates in lab settings. With support from the department, I also was able to attend a teaching workshop this previous spring at MSS. My love of sociology began in the classroom and I am passionate about sharing sociology with others.

During my free time, I enjoy haunting the many coffee shops of Lincoln, bike commuting with my impractical beach cruiser, working out, yoga, traveling and enjoying nature.

Courses Taught
I'm currently teaching statistics! I’ve taught recitation for Intro to Sociology (Fall 2017, Spring 2018/19), graded and assisted in labs for Undergraduate Research Methods (Fall 2018), and been a lab assistant for Sociology Senior Seminar (Fall 2018, Summer 2019, Spring 2020).