Destiny MyersDestiny Myers is a senior sociology major and psychology and humanities in medicine minor who has been a USTARS (Undergraduate Sociology Teaching and Research Student) since the last academic year.

Prior to becoming a sociology major, however, Destiny arrived at Nebraska as a pre-medical student. In the months that followed, Destiny tutored local elementary school students. She was surprised when she realized how intelligent many of these students were. This was part of the reason she began working with Lincoln Community Learning Centers and elementary school science clubs in order to help nurture students’ interest in science.

Her work in USTARS with Dr. Julia McQuillan involves instructing and mentoring students at science clubs. Throughout this time, Destiny has helped bring speakers to the club which have included Nebraska professors from fields such as sociology, biology, and physics. In addition, Destiny has led students through tours of several university facilities. Students got the chance to see current research being performed at university medical labs as well as the drone technology used at Memorial Stadium.

Along with her work as a USTARS, Destiny works for the UNL Health Center, where she is trying to better advertise the services they provide. “There are a lot of services offered there that most students aren’t aware of,” Destiny said. “For example, the Health Center offers up to three free counselling sessions for every student, which is something I wasn’t even aware of until I started working there.”

After graduation, Destiny hopes to study public health. Destiny says her future work will be focused on trying to improve current health care laws and systems.

Story by Lane Chasek


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