DeLuccia selected as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Scholar

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 10:30

Angela DeLuccia

We are excited to announce that Angela DeLuccia, Sociology PhD student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has been selected to participate in one of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s leadership development programs, designed to equip leaders across the country—in every sector and field—to collaborate, break down silos, and use their influence to make communities healthier and more equitable.

Specifically, Angela was selected for Health Policy Research Scholars. Designed for second-year doctoral students from underrepresented populations and disadvantaged backgrounds, Health Policy Research Scholars helps researchers from all fields—from economics to epidemiology—apply their work to policies that advance equity and health while building a diverse field of leaders who reflect our changing national demographics. The four- to five-year program provides participants with an annual stipend of up to $30,000.

As a member of the program’s newest cohort, Angela will focus on social determinants of health inequalities, especially in medical conditions of unknown cause. Angela has an interdisciplinary background, combining medical and social science academic training to examine how diagnoses are created, and what demographics of the population they effect. Using mixed qualitative and quantitative methods, Angela is sociologically analyzing contemporary and historic western medical diagnoses, how these diagnoses are created, changed, and eliminated, and whether people of certain genders, races, and other demographic markers are affected by these diagnoses.

Angela will also:

  • Benefit from high-caliber curricula and coaching from national leaders.
  • Collaborate with other cutting-edge thinkers to create greater impact.
  • Accelerate his/her/their ability to build healthy communities, inform public opinion and policy, and contribute significantly to building a Culture of Health.