Daniel Schaefer

Curriculum Vita

Degree and Year in Program

Second Year Masters Student


Dr. Regina Werum

Area of Specialization

Computational Methodologies, Social Movements, Epidemiology in Needle Sharing Networks, Sociology of Deviance

About Me

I have been involved in sociological research with faculty at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln for nearly a decade. As an undergraduate student I worked on several projects ranging from human social networks to finite automata models of human behavior. After receiving my BA in Sociology I was employed on staff with the Social Networks Research Group (SNRG) sociology lab, where I worked as a software and systems engineer on a large scale epidemiological simulation engine under the supervision of Dr. Bilal Khan for about two and a half years. I began work on my master’s degree in sociology in the fall of 2019, and I now work under the supervision of Dr. Regina Werum studying the effects of global climate change on social unrest. The project is funded through a grant in partnership with the computer science department.