Dan R. Hoyt

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Professor & Director of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Consortium Sociology dhoyt2@unl.edu (402) 472-2108 234 Prem S. Paul Research Center at Whittier School

Curriculum Vitae


I am in my second year as the Inaugural Director of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Consortium. In this role I direct an operation designed to provide direct research services and support as well as mentoring, consultation, training, and facilitating the development of new research collaborations.

My research focuses upon adolescent substance use and abuse, homeless and runaway youth, victimization, and mental health.  I also have a long term interest in survey methods including the design and implementation of research with hard-to-access and high risk populations, research ethics and community-based participatory research.   Information on my publications, including abstracts and links for downloading copies, may be found at my ResearchGate and Google Scholars pages.

I obtained my Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1980.  I was a faculty member in the Department of Sociology at Iowa State University for the next 21 years.  I had the good fortune to be recruited back to UNL in 2001.

Current Research & Student Opportunities

I am currently working on research and publications examining risk and resilience among homeless and runaway youth, particularly with respect to the roles that social networks play for these youth.  I am also working on a new program of research looking at trends and variations in rural adolescent alcohol and substance abuse.   Both of these projects include active research opportunities for interested graduate students and, in some instances, undergraduate UCARE students.   Contact me directly if  would like to know more about these research opportunities. 

Selected Publications

Substance Abuse & Mental Health

Whitbeck, Les B., Kelley Sittner Hartshorn, Devan Crawford, Melissa Walls, Kari Gentzler & Dan R. Hoyt. (2014).  Mental and substance use disorders from early adolescence to young adulthood among Indigenous young people:  Final diagnostic results from an eight-year panel study. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 49(6): 961-73. 

Whitbeck, Les B., Kurt Johnson, Dan R. Hoyt, Melissa Walls, and ManSoo Yu.  (2008).  Diagnostic prevalence rates from early to mid-adolescence among Indigenous adolescents: First results from a longitudinal studyJournal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.  47:890-900.

Walls, Melissa, Les B. Whitbeck, Kurt D. Johnson, & Dan R. Hoyt. (2007)  Early Onset Alcohol Use among Native American Youth: Examining Female Caretaker Influence.  Journal of Marriage and the Family, 69: 451-464.

 Johnson, Kurt D, Les B. Whitbeck, and Dan R. Hoyt.  (2005).  Substance Use Disorders among Homeless and Runaway Adolescents. Journal of Drug Issues, 35: 799-816.

Homeless Youth: Networks & Victimization

Falci, Christina, Les B. Whitbeck, Dan R. Hoyt, & Trina Rose. (2011).   Predictors of Change in Self-Reported Social Networks among Homeless Young PeopleJournal of Research on Adolescence, 21: 847-861.

Chen, Xiaojin, Lisa E. Thrane, Les B. Whitbeck, Dan R. Hoyt, & Kurt D. Johnson. (2007).   Onset of Conduct Disorder, Use of Delinquent Subsistence Strategies, and Street Victimization among Homeless and Runaway Adolescents in the MidwestJournal of Interpersonal Violence, 22: 1156-1183.

Whitbeck, Les B., Hoyt, Dan R., Johnson, Kurt, & Chen, Xiaojin.  (2007).   Victimization and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder among Runaway and Homeless AdolescentsViolence and Victims, 22: 721-734.

Johnson, Kurt D., Les  B. Whitbeck, and Dan R. Hoyt. (2005).  Predictors of Social Network Composition among Homeless and Runaway AdolescentsJournal of Adolescence, 28:231-248.

Hoyt, Dan R., Kimberly Ryan, and Ana Mari Cauce. (1999).  Personal Victimization in a High Risk Environment: Homeless and Runaway Adolescents.   Research in Crime and Delinquency, 36:371-391.

Recent Grant Activity

Co-Investigator  (Les Whitbeck, PI).  Alcohol Abuse/Dependence and its Consequences for Indigenous Adolescents. National Institute of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, 2012-2015.

Ph.D. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Areas of Specialization:

  • Substance Use and Abuse
  • Homeless & Runaway Youth
  • Mental Health
  • Victimization
  • Survey Research Methods