My primary research interests are in the areas of crime and deviance, adolescence, and context effects. In particular, my recent work has focused on adolescent substance use and the effect of neighborhoods, peers, and geographic contexts. I strive to understand how the contexts in which adolescents are embedded shape their attitudes and behaviors. My previous work has focused on hard-to-reach and stigmatized populations, such as drug users and sex workers. I am currently working on my dissertation with the assistance of my advisors, Drs. Tara Warner and Lisa Kort-Butler. I am also working on research projects with Dr. Tara Warner.

            During my time at UNL, I have been a recitation instructor for the mass introduction to sociology courses. In addition, I was the instructor for an online Drugs and Society course. I strive to help my students understand sociological ideas and concepts and connect them to their everyday experiences through interactive exercises and projects.



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M.A.: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

B.A.: Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi