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Research Assistant Professor Sociology / SBSRC (402) 472-7218 234 Whittier Research Center

As a Research Assistant Professor at the Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Consortium (SBSRC) at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln (UNL), I work on a variety of projects (e.g., UNL faculty’ research and extension projects, public health/education programs for youth and minorities), providing evaluation/consulting services that contribute to achieving the SBSRC’s mission. My research interests are generally in data/information management and analysis for better evaluation practices and evidence-based policy/program management. I obtained my Ph.D. in Public Administration with a major in Information Management from the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) in 2014. I worked as a project manager evaluating government policies/programs and as an instructor teaching a variety of courses (e.g., applied statistics, research/evaluation methods, and policy/program planning and evaluations) before joining SBSRC at UNL in 2015.

PhD University of Nebraska-Omaha

Areas of Specialization:

  • Data/information management and analysis
  • Evidence-based policy
  • Program management