Internship Focus



Bureau of Sociological Research (BOSR)

It is the mission of the Bureau of Sociological Research to provide quality social science research services in support of the goals of the Department of Sociology, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and the State of Nebraska. The Bureau of Sociological Research is designed to provide direct research services to faculty, outreach and consulting to state agencies, and support for graduate and undergraduate education on social science research.



Gallup delivers forward-thinking research, analytics, and advice to help leaders solve their most pressing problems.


Public Policy Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The University of Nebraska Public Policy Center provides a unique opportunity for policy makers and researchers to work together to address the challenges of local, state, and federal policy. Center researchers combine professional expertise with rigorous academic methods and a commitment to stakeholder involvement.


Talent Plus

Established in 1989, Talent Plus is an internationally recognized management consulting firm with over 400 clients in 20 countries delivering interviews in more than 30 languages.


USTARS in the Sociology Department

Undergraduate Sociology Teaching and Research Students (USTARS) assist Sociology faculty or advanced graduate students with research. USTARS can earn income or credit. Students much find a faculty member or advanced graduate student who needs assistance, write a description of they work that they will do, and work with Brandon Bosch to determine if the project can qualify as an internship for credit if they want credit.