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Smyth, Jolene D., Kristen Olson, and Morgan M. Millar. 2014. "Identifying Predictors of Survey Mode Preference." Social Science Research 48:135-144.

Smith Jeffrey A., McPherson, Miller, and Lynn Smith-Lovin. Forthcoming. 2014. “Social Distance in the United States: Sex, Race, Religion, Age and Education Homophily among Confidants, 1985-2004.” American Sociological Review. 79: 432-456.

Park, Nicholas K., and Patricia Wonch Hill. 2013. "Is Adoption an Option? The Role of Importance of Motherhood and Fertility Help-Seeking in Considering Adoption." Journal of Family Issues doi: 10.1177/0192513X13493277.


Life in Lincoln

Life in Lincoln

Work. Live. Play.


Kirk Dombrowski

Dombrowski studies HIV spread in rural Puerto Rico

Kirk Dombrowski has received $2.9 million from the National Institutes of Health's National Institute on Drug Abuse for a five-year study investigating how HIV spreads among Puerto Rican drug users.

Philip Schwadel

Schwadel shows higher education doesn’t drive people from religion

A new study suggests that a generational shift is taking place in how college education is affecting religious affiliation.

Kim Tyler

Sociologist using technology to study substance use among homeless

Kimberly Tyler received a $400,000 grant to use a text-messaging system to study substance use among teens and young adults living on the streets of Omaha and Lincoln.

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