Josey VanOrsdale

Curriculum Vita

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Degree & Year in Program

2nd Year PhD Student


Kirk Dombrowski, and Bilal Khan

Areas of Specialization

Computational Social Science; Quantitative Methods; Social Epidemiology; Biodemography; Health Disparities

About Me

Josey VanOrsdale is a graduate research assistant with interests in biosociology and health, as well as both quantitative and computational methods. Her research is contributing to the project on Injection Risk Networks in Rural Puerto Rico. She uses R with quantitative and computation methods, such as social network analysis and topic modeling to evaluate novel data with the aim of furthering our understanding of international health concerns.

 In 2017, Josey earned her Master’s of Arts degree from the University of Wyoming, where she wrote her thesis titled “Employment Factors and the Education-Health Gradient in the United States.” Another one of her current projects is continuing this research, looking at how the Great Recession and varying types of work conditions may influence the predictive relationship between education and health.

Courses Taught

Lead Recitation Instructor:

 Introduction to Sociology. University of Nebraska - Lincoln 

Recitation Instructor:

Introduction to Sociology.  University of Nebraska - Lincoln   

Graduate Teaching Assistant:   

Sociology of Gender. University of Wyoming

Introduction to Sociology. University of Wyoming  

Sociology of Law. University of Wyoming   

Medical Sociology. University of Wyoming 

Collective Behavior and Social Movements. University of Wyoming  

Race and Ethnic Relations. University of Wyoming

Social Inequality. University of Wyoming