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Current Research:

My research focuses primarily on social contexts and processes that influence health and wellbeing in adolescence and into adulthood. Specifically, I examine how negative social experiences (e.g., bullying, racial discrimination) are linked with social, developmental, and health outcomes in youth and across the life course. I address how issues such as bullying and discrimination are linked to the production of broader population health disparities over time. In addition, I have interests in religion, crime and delinquency, and topics in social psychology. My work highlights issues of power and inequality in the achievement of positive health and wellbeing. This research agenda is grounded in a longstanding interest in social dynamics that influence health, wellbeing, and overall quality-of-life.


I am also currently working with a number of colleagues on projects pertaining to discrimination, racial identity, and mental health among college students, the emergence of gendered science identities among middle school students, how post-secondary institutional characteristics (e.g., institutional size, percent women faculty) shape women’s baccalaureate degree completions in computer science and engineering fields, and mental health consequences (i.e., dissociation, posttraumatic stress) of childhood sexual abuse among homeless youth and young adults.


Student opportunities:

I have worked with undergraduate students through the Departmental Undergraduate Student Research and Teaching Students program (USTARS), who served as paid tutors for SOCI206: Introduction to Social Research II. Prior students (or students with strong statistics and statistics software experience) are encouraged to reach out and inquire about opportunities for tutoring for SOCI206.


Current teaching:

My current and prior teaching activities include:

SOCI206: Introduction to Social Research II

SOCI311: Juvenile Delinquency

SOCI209: Sociology of Crime

SOCI180: Social Problems

SOCI101: Introduction to Sociology


I enjoy the opportunities and challenges involved in undergraduate education, and I see many possibilities for including students in research projects and other activities. Please contact me if you are interested in working on new or continuing research or other projects (e.g., diversity and inclusion activities, advocacy, tutoring opportunities).


Selected publications:

Jochman, Joseph C., Jacob E. Cheadle, Bridget J. Goosby, Cara Tomaso, Chelsea Kozikowski,

and Timothy Nelson. 2019. Psychological outcomes of discrimination among college students on a predominately white campus: A prospective study. Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World, 5: 1-16.

Jochman, Joseph C., Alexis Swendener, Julia McQuillan, and Luke Novack. 2018. Are science

knowledge, interests, and science identity framed by religious and political perspectives in the United States? The Sociological Quarterly, 59(4): 584-602.


Jochman, Joseph C., Jacob E. Cheadle, and Bridget J. Goosby. 2017. Do adolescent risk

behaviors mediate health and school bullying? Testing the stress process and general strain frameworks. Social Science Research, 65: 195-209.


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