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The Department of Sociology faculty is doing compelling, innovative work. Their instruction, mentorship, and successes are integral to turning students’ curiosity into rewarding results.

Our faculty and students ask and answer interesting questions.

  • What do people in “red” states think about important social and political issues, including businesses refusing service to same sex couples? The death penalty? Evolution? Affordable Health Care?
  • Over time, are more educated people more or less likely to be religious?
  • How do women in rural communities find help for domestic violence, and does the answer change for those with more or less friends?
  • How do people in rural and urban areas differ in the factors associated with opioid addiction, opportunities for informal science education, or treatment of sexual minorities?
  • Do neighborhoods matter for health, life expectancy, or risk of violence?
  • Why do some people follow instructions for taking a survey and others do not?
  • Why do social movements start in some troubled regions but not others?
  • Why do some homeless youth use drugs and others do not?
  • How do some new parents who have low incomes have lower distress and others have more?
  • What factors are associated with staying able to take care of oneself with aging?
  • Do images of super heroes change as a reflection of the political environment?
  • As the United States becomes more diverse, do more people marry people of other races, or stay with people of the same race?

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