Deborah Schaben

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Office Associate Sociology 402-472-3631 711 Oldfather Hall

I am currently the office associate for the Sociology Department. I am the troubleshooter for when ITS isn't immediately available, organizer of people, and overly cheerful greeter for the department.

I have an undergraduate degree from UNL in Journalism.  I have two masters of Arts from Webster University: School Counseling and Security Management/Business Asset Protection.

I have over 18 years of experience working for Walt Disney World in Florida. I had many different roles over the years but one of the longest was as a Plain Clothes Officer (and Loss Prevention Specialist) for the Security investigations Department.  My specialities were counter terrorism, survellience and counter survellience, retail theft operative, and emergency first responder.

I also have over 5 years of teaching experience in college settings. Courses taught included: Principles of Sociology, General Psychology, Social Psychology, Principles of Adult Learning, Strategies for Success, and many other general studies courses.

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