Make Your Difference
Make Your Difference

Current Graduate Students

Nebraska sociology takes pride in the ongoing scholarship of students who often co-author research papers with faculty. Many of our students also have experience teaching their own class.

Graduate Student Awards

Each spring sociology graduate students may apply for many different awards to support scholarly travel, a research endeavor, and/or to reward exceptional performance in teaching or research. The department is fortunate to have several different funds from which to support various professional activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, working on research papers or dissertations, data collection, and travel to conferences or training workshops. Awards are also given to recognize excellence in graduate student research or teaching.

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Graduate Annual Reviews

Each year sociology students meet with their PhD supervisory committee or MA thesis advisor. The purpose of this meeting is to document current and make plans for future program progress and professional development. The documentation sets the foundation for current and future job applications within and outside of the academy. It is also an excellent time to reflect on your graduate studies, discuss research ideas, job market strategies, etc. with your mentors.

Graduate Program Guidelines

The guide describes the procedures of the Graduate Program in the Department of Sociology. These Guidelines supplement the requirements published in the Graduate Studies Catalog of the University of Nebraska. Although some sections of the Catalog are reproduced here for easy reference, students are advised to study the requirements set forth in that document as well as the Sociology Guidelines. Keep in mind that the final responsibility for following all policies and meeting all requirements and deadlines for graduate programs rests with the student.

Students are subject to the Guidelines in force at the time they begin course work. Procedures may be changed or modified during the year. Consequently, careful attention should be given to the minutes of the faculty meetings and other departmental memos as they are circulated. If the Guidelines change during their program, students may elect to follow subsequent revisions or modifications of the Guidelines.

2019-2020 Guide to the Sociology Graduate Program