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Curriculum Vitae

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Current Research

My research focus pertains to the social determinants of mental health and illness. Drawing from a variety of theoretical perspectives (e.g., Stress Process, Life Course), I focus on four key determinants: social network structure, perceptions of social relationships, stress exposure, and the self-concept. I am particularly interested in explaining differences in mental health outcomes across status groups including race, class and gender.

Student Opportunities

I advise sociology undergraduate students working on an undergraduate thesis as well as graduate students completing an MA or PhD degree. I work with students to develop research ideas that compliment both of our interests. I am happy to work with any student seeking to write a paper for publication. In this vein, I have experience working with many nationally representative datasets including the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY), the National Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health), the National Survey of Family Life (NSAL), and the National Health Interview (NHI).


At UNL, I have taught Research Methods (SOCI 205, SOCI 863) and the Sociology of Mental Health (SOCI 443/843 and SOCI 903) courses at both the graduate and undergraduate level. At the undergraduate level, I have developed a course on the Social Psychology of Inequality (SOCI 341).

Selected Publications

Pritchard, Kayla and Christina Falci. 2020. “Mental Health across Motherhood Status: An Examination of Mediating Factors” Journal of Family Issues 41(8):1083-1111.


Kim, Jae-Woo, Chaeyoon Lim and Christina Falci. 2020. “Subjective Social Class, Perceived Quality of Social Relationships and Happiness: A Case of Mediation and Moderation across Gender.” International Sociology 35(3):312-335.


Schwadel, Phil and Christina D. Falci. 2012. “Interactive Effects of Church Attendance and Religious Tradition on Depressive Symptoms and Positive Affect” Mental Health and Society 2(1):21-34.


Falci, Christina. 2011. “Self-Esteem and Mastery Trajectories in High School by Socioeconomic Status and Gender.” Social Science Research 40:586-601.


Falci, Christina and Clea McNeely. 2009. “Too Many Friends: Social Integration, Network Cohesion and Adolescent Depressive Symptoms.” Social Forces, 87:2031-2062.


Ph.D. University of Minnesota

Areas of Specialization:

  • Social Psychology
  • Gender
  • Mental Health