Bridget J. Goosby

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Curriculum Vitae

About Me

I earned my Ph.D. in Sociology and Demography from the Pennsylvania State University in 2003. Upon completion I spent two years as a research analyst at the American Institutes for Research in Washington, D.C. From 2005-2007, I was a National Institute of Mental Health Postdoctoral Minority Mental Health Disparities Fellow at the University of Michigan in the Institute for Social Research’s Program for Research on Black Americans.  I am currently a Happold Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of the Biosociology of Minority Health Disparities Lab, co-directed by my collaborator, Dr. Jacob Cheadle.

My primary research interest focuses on how the intersections of social inequality and discrimination ‘get under the skin’ to influence minority group members’ health over the life course and across generations. Physiologic stress response is a key pathway through which health disparities emerge in the U.S. population, thus my research integrates biological markers of stress, immune function, and chronic disease with innovative approaches to sociological data collections and analyses. To understand how these processes unfold to shape health risk and why these processes matter, our lab is currently implementing a variety of studies including several that examine how the stress of social exclusion and racial discrimination influence the health and well-being of parents and their children in the local community.

Current Research & Student Opportunities

At present, my research explores the degree to which a variety of stressors including racism, social exclusion, and economic hardship influence patterns of race disparities in health risk from youth through adulthood and across generations.  One of my recent projects examines how the stress of social exclusion and discrimination shape chronic disease risk and well-being among parents and their adolescent children here in Lincoln. With a team that includes undergraduate and graduate students, we have collected data using a variety of methods including gathering biological markers of stress (immune function and inflammation), health (diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk), and behavior (sleep patterns) along with surveys, face-to-face interviews and Implicit Association Tests (IAT). Our Biosociology of Minority Health Disparities Lab is currently looking for bright, talented undergraduate and graduate students interested in learning innovative data collection techniques who also want to acquire knowledge about data biomarker data collection and who might have substantive interests in the topic of health or health disparities.  Our lab provides an exciting and vibrant team environment where we encourage are students to reach their full potential by engaging in cutting edge research activities.

Selected Publications

Goosby, Bridget J., Sarah Malone, Elizabeth Richardson, Jacob E. Cheadle, and Deadric Williams. 2015. “Perceived Discrimination and Markers of Cardiovascular Risk among Low-Income African American Youth.” American Journal of Human Biology 27(4): 546-552.

Williams, Deadric, Jacob E. Cheadle, and Bridget J. Goosby. 2015 “Hard Times and Heart Break: Linking Economic Hardship and Relationship Distress.” Journal of Family Issues 36(7): 924-950.

Goosby, Bridget J., Anna Bellatorre, Katrina Walsemann, and Jacob Cheadle. 2013. “Adolescent Loneliness and Health Outcomes in the Transition to Adulthood.” Sociological Inquiry 83: 505-536.

Goosby, Bridget J. and Chelsea Heidebrink. 2013. “African American Health over the Life Course- The Transgenerational Consequences of Racial Discrimination.” Sociology Compass 7: 630-643.

Goosby, Bridget J. 2013. “Early Life Course Pathways of Adult Depression and Chronic Pain.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 54: 75-91 (Featured Podcast).

Cheadle, Jacob and Bridget J. Goosby.  2012. “The Small School Friendship Dynamics of Adolescent Depressive Symptoms.” Society and Mental Health 2: 99-119.

Goosby, Bridget J., Cleopatra H. Caldwell, Anna Bellatorre and James S. Jackson. 2012. “Ethnic Differences in Family Stress Processes among African Americans and Black Caribbeans.”  Journal of African American Studies 16: 406-422.

Goosby, Bridget J. and Katrina M. Walsemann. 2012. “School Racial Composition and Race/Ethnic Differences in Early Adulthood Health.” Health and Place 18: 296-304.

Walsemann, Katrina M., Bethany A. Bell, and Bridget J. Goosby. 2011. “The Effect of School Racial Composition on Trajectories of Depressive Symptoms from Adolescence through Early Adulthood.” Race and Social Problems 3: 131-145.

Cheadle, Jacob E. and Bridget J. Goosby. 2010. “Birth Weight, Achievement, and Life Chances: A Comparison of Siblings from Childhood to Early Adulthood.” Social Science Research 39: 570-584.

Goosby, Bridget J. and Jacob E. Cheadle. 2009.  “Birth Weight, Math and Reading Achievement Growth: A Multilevel Between Siblings and Between Families Approach.” Social Forces 87:1167-1710.

Current Research Grant Activity

Goosby, Bridget J. (Principal Investigator). “The Intergenerational Transmission of Race Disparities in Health.” National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) K01 Mentored Research Scientist Award.

Goosby, Bridget J. (PI), Timothy Nelson (Co-PI) and Jacob E. Cheadle (Co-I). “Stress Exposure, Sleep, and Minority Health Disparities: Understanding Intergenerational Pathways to Health Risk.” SBSRC Minority Health-Related Grants.

Goosby, Bridget J. (Co-I; PIs Jacob Cheadle and Scott Stoltenberg). “Understanding How Stress Process Physiology Affects Health During Youth and Adulthood Using Polygenic Risk Scores.” SBSRC Minority Health-Related Grants.

Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University

Areas of Specialization:

  • Health Disparities
  • Biosociology/Biodemography
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Poverty/Inequality
  • Life Course