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Research Assistant Professor 705 Oldfather Hall

Ph.D., Purdue University, 2018


Areas of Specialization

Inequalities in health; Aging and the life course; Social inequalities; Quantitative methods



The overarching objective of my research is to explain the persistent and growing inequalities in health among midlife and older adults in the U.S. I integrate life course and contextual perspectives to illustrate how health inequalities develop over time and across geographic contexts. I study several health outcomes—from biomarkers to chronic conditions and mortality—and examine health inequalities by race and ethnicity, gender, education, and geographic location.


More specifically, I am interested in uncovering how experiences from earlier in life (e.g., childhood socioeconomic disadvantage, parental abuse, educational attainment) have lasting consequences for adult health. I give attention to the type of childhood exposure and potential pathways by which these early life experiences influence health.  In another overlapping area, I focus on the importance of geography in influencing health disparities.  I aim to discover how characteristics of the place we live (e.g., neighborhood disorder, state policies) and when in the life course we experience them impact our health. 


Student Opportunities

I am looking for students to collaborate on research projects in the areas of health disparities and/or aging and the life course, and who are interested in developing their data management and quantitative skills.