Bilal Khan

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Happold Professor of Sociology Sociology (402) 472-3631 719 Oldfather Hall

My research aims for a better understanding of the co-evolution of individual “micro” properties/processes (rationality, affect, and influence) and emergent “macro” patterns in the social structure and dynamics of collectivities (homeostasis, dysregulation, schismogenesis). My means for achieving this center around the development fundamentally new data-driven mathematical and computational approaches to social science. I develop custom data collection tools that make use of emerging technologies (e.g. cell-phones, tablets, wearable sensors, actigraphy, holographic displays, eye trackers, wireless EEGs, etc).  I use the fine-grained longitudinal data generated by these next-generation platforms to inform the design of new types of mathematical models that better quantify the structure and evolution of individual attitudes, behaviors, and social relationships.  These models, in turn, are the basis of large-scale stochastic actor-based simulation experiments, through which I test theoretical hypotheses, and project the future impacts of social interventions and contingencies.  This paradigm of inquiry is applied across a range of contexts, including public health.

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D. City University of New York

Research Interests:

  • Computational social science
  • Mobile, ad-hoc, and cognitive networks
  • Network security and optimization
  • Foundations