Alian Kasabian

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Research Assistant Professor Sociology / SBSRC (402) 472-7708 WHIT 234

Curriculum Vitae

My research focus is on gender and survey methodology – particularly data quality. My training is in gender and research methods, with a minor in survey methodology, and the majority of my work focuses on the measurement of sex and gender in surveys. My dissertation was a mixed method examination of one type of measure – the Gender Self-Perception Scale (GSPS). The GSPS is a visual analog scale (a line with labeled end points) measuring identification with femininity and/or masculinity. Related work is looking at how different ways of asking about sex and gender produce different conclusions, and how people respond to alternative measures of sex in surveys.

I spend most of my time doing evaluation work and survey design for the SBSRC’s Methodology and Evaluation Research Core (MERC). In this role I advise clients, design data collection plans and materials, analyze data, write reports, train professionals in data collection and analysis methods, and help write grants. The projects I oversee range from foster care for Native American children, to Geology, and Nutrition. I also provide support for other MERC projects as the in-house survey methodologist.

PhD University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Areas of Specialization:

  • Gender,
  • Research Methods,
  • Survey Methodology,
  • Evaluation