Nebraska Association of Sociology Graduate Students (NASGS)

The Nebraska Association of Sociology Graduate Students (NASGS) is an organization consisting of all persons holding graduate standing in the Department of Sociology and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Its purpose is to serve, protect, and further the interests of its member and to act as a forum for discussing graduate student affairs, including university and departmental policies pertaining to graduate students.

Officers of the organization are selected annually by majority vote of the members. The President presides over all meeting of the organization, its responsible for communication between the departmental faculty and the membership, and serves, along with the Vice-President, as the organization's official representative to faculty meetings. (With the exception of personnel sessions, meetings of the Department faculty are open to all students in the Sociology Graduate Program).

In addition to the above, the Vice-President serves as a representative to the Graduate Committee. The remaining officers of the organization include a Secretary-Treasurer, a second representative to the Graduate Committee, and representatives to Departmental Search, Resources and Planning, and Grade Appeals Committees. Additionally, one representative serves as social chair, responsible for organizing social events for both graduate students and faculty.

The 2013-2014 NASGS Officers
Patrick Habecker, President
Rachel Schmitz, Vice-President
Elizabeth Richardson, Secretary/Treasurer
Kari Gentzler, Graduate Committee Representative
Kari Gentzler and Laura Simon, Research Group Representatives
Elizabeth Straley and Scott Addams, Planning and Resources Committee Representative
Alexis Swendener, Graduate Student Association
Stacy Tiemeyer, Teaching